ECHO Festival : East Coast Harvest Odyssey
26-28 March 2021

Dear guests, upon arrival to the festival site, please come by the ECHO Rego (see legend map) to be stamped and to collect your ECHO goodie bag.  Set up your tent if camping the night and acquaint yourself with the main ECHOasis site between the old Gala Mill and the beautiful Swan River. 

Welcome to Country

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Nita Education provides Tasmanian Aboriginal cultural experiences. They inspire to connect to their 50,000+ year old culture and encourage young Palawa/Pakana to embrace their culture.

Welcome to Country will be performed by Craig Everett and sons, and Linton Burgess - proud Pakana/Palawa Tasmanian Aboriginal Artists and Educators.

Grape stomping 'The Great Eastern Ferment'

Fancy a bit of grape stomping?!?!  Participate in the ceremonious ‘Great Eastern Ferment’ - the fruits of your labour will inspire the release of ‘ECHO Vino, 2021 vintage’ at next year's festival!  The Great Eastern Ferment is generously supported by Spring Vale Wines.

New to ECHO 2021  >  Gathering of The Clans

Collaborating with other festivals that showcase unique Tasmanian regions, the Gathering of the Clans aims to connect, share and nurture communication across this creative state - from Junction Arts Festival in the North, The Unconformity in the West, Huon Mid-Winter Festival in the South to ECHO Festival on the east.  ECHO will present a unique aspect of each festival in a Gathering of The Clans, building and celebrating a shared awareness of the  diversity of this amazing Island.

Local wines, gin and whisky presentations

In the old Gala Mill an expert vigneron, a mistress of the still and a Great Lakes gentleman, will guide us through a showcase of fine Tasmanian wines and craft spirits.  Sample wines from Gala Estate, Spring Vale Wines and Milton Vineyard. Taste the range from The Splendid Gin among others and some surprise Tassie whiskys!

Art and Experiences

Come Saturday afternoon, rejuvenate at 'The Great Eastern Siesta' - Tasmania's largest afternoon nap in the yurt, with cosy blankets… whilst being read a naughty bedtime story! Interact with the art installations, dance performances, and an exotic pop-up shop to have you styled for the evening's activities...  Feasting, fireside storytelling, live music and DJ's, before taking the shuttle bus back to your Swansea lodgings or retiring to the campsite.

Live Music and DJs

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