ECHO - East Coast Harvest Odyssey is a celebration of harvest through history - a festival of the senses.

‘Harvest’ - the season when ripened crops are gathered

‘Odyssey’ - a long series of wanderings or adventures, especially when filled with notable experiences

Set by the banks of the idyllic Swan River alongside the Gala Mill in the rural hamlet of Cranbrook on the East Coast of Tasmania, the East Coast Harvest Odyssey will take place from Friday 3rd April from 4pm through 11am Sunday 5th April 2020.

The festival is a uniquely immersive experience that offers guests the opportunity to connect with nature in the amber glow of the Tasmanian Autumn. Showcasing fine local wines, spirits and produce, the Chef’s Native Bounty Feast will delight guests with local shellfish and sumptuous bush foods, cooked on the open coals. Other tasty food options will be available on site throughout the weekend.

ECHO responds to the rural, Indigenous, colonial and French heritage of regional East Coast Tasmania.
Known for its striking beaches, food and wine, and breathtaking views, East Coast Tasmania is more than that... it is a place of stories, encounters and treasures.

We look forward to welcoming you to ECHO.

Ange Boxall
Founder & Creative Director

Photos from ECHO 2019 by Sarah Rhodes courtesy of Tourism Tasmania, or by Puddlehub

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